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Originally, when I began writing my blog, my demographic was the Over-70 age group. However, I have since had many requests for help from those in their 50’s and 60’s.
Accordingly, I decided – beginning with blog #6 – to change to Over50andfit.


The Secret to healthy aging

The Secrets to Healthy Aging

Today’s guest, Barrie Street, is an 87 year old fitness enthusiast and teacher who feels 48. Living in North Vancouver he is passionate about being active and helping others.

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Reboot Forward

Reboot Forward

Barrie Street. “I am 84 and feel 48. I’m blessed to have a passion for fitness, which I would love to spread in my blog Over50andFit.ca. I would also be delighted to reach folks who are less than 50. The message I am trying to impart is that ANYONE of ANY AGE can be fit and it is NEVER too late to start.

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Every minute of every day. Year after year. Decade after decade. Your heart is always working for you but are you working for your heart?

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